Change of Guards


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The change of guards is one of the most popular attractions in London.


These guards are called the Queen’s Guards and they belong to the Household division of the army. They are strictly forbidden from communicating with anybody while on duty to show their dedication and discipline.


Their shift lasts four hours and they need to stand for the entire period, with short marches every half an hour. There are a few tricks to do this, as otherwise you might faint from lack of blood circulation!  You need to keep still on the parade ground – slightest bend in the knees, wriggle your toes and focus on one particular spot in front of you.


The ceremony includes the change of guards, which is accompanied by the Royal Band.  Although this is a very important event, sometimes the band gives it a twist and plays popular songs such as the “Darth Vader” tune from Star Wars or Indiana Jones’ soundtrack.