Health: In the UK health care is organised under the National Health Service (NHS). Health care and treatment are free to all residents.

People usually register with their own GPs (General Practitioners), who work in a clinic. GP is responsible for organising the medical treatment. If a specialist is needed, the patient goes to the GP first.

Treatment from the GP is free, but medicines and certain services are charged. If medicines are needed for treatment, the GP will only give the patient a prescription. The patient should take the prescription to a pharmacy. Most people have to pay for the medicine.

For urgent medical treatment, patients can contact their GP, or go to the nearest hospital with an Accident and Emergency department, or call 999 for an ambulance, but this is only used for a real emergency.

Most people have to pay for dental treatment. Some dentists work for NHS and some are private. Usually NHS dentists charge less than private dentists.