Population: The population of the UK has reached 64 million. It is the third-largest in the European Union, the fifth-largest in the Commonwealth and the 21st-largest in the world.





In 2011, 86% of the population identified themselves as White, meaning 12.9% of the UK population identify themselves as of mixed ethnic minority. The main ethnic minority groups are Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Asian Others, Black and British mixed.

  • 63% rise in 12 months is one of the highest in all of the European Union.
  • Biggest driver was birth outstripping deaths.
  • It has been estimated that the number of people aged 100 or over will rise steeply to reach over 626,000 by 2080.
  • 183,400 more immigrants arrived than emigrants left.[
  • 25% of the people living in London today are born in another country.
  • A government figure estimated that there are 3.6 million homosexual people in Britain comprising 6 per cent of the population.