Parents’ Testimonials

The main task of this study holiday is to film the whole trip, especially the happy moments. The children have learned very interesting filming skills and have  improved their ability to express themselves in English at the same time. Through directing and acting all by themselves, they have gained courage and learned how to communicate with others under a relaxed and enjoyable environment. I like this mode of learning very much!

Jiwen Chen (Parent)

My daughter Wenjin joined Beijing New Oriental’s Oxbridge Experience program this summer. When she came back half a month later, she became more independent and with better manners. What she benefited most from this trip to the UK is her observation and experience of a different culture. We believe we have made the right decision — choosing New Oriental for our daughter’s study tour.

Wei Zhou (Parent of Wenjin Huang)

I’d like to say something about my child’s study tour with New Oriental. Firstly, my child has found a whole new world. She discovered a wonderful world out there. People there are nice and friendly. There are a lot of advanced areas for us to learn from. Secondly, She has seen her own deficiencies. She told me, “Now I understand what is like to be ‘a frog at the bottom of a well’. A big part of knowledge is gained through travelling. I must work harder to catch up with the others. I need to learn to think.” Thirdly, she has become more independent and has learned to respect others. After coming back from the UK, she soon went to university. She prepared everything all by herself. She said what impressed her most was the dignity and mutual respect of the people, no job or race discrimination. for example, Any two strangers can have a chat happily while waiting for a bus without unnecessary guard or hostility. Therefore, we’d like to thank New Oriental for providing such a good experience for our child. I believe it’s worthwhile for her. If there is another opportunity in future I will still choose New Oriental.

Sha Ri Na (Parent of Gao Wa)


My child joined the Oxbridge Experience Program in August. The 2 weeks have given him great influence, making him know what he wants to do for his future study abroad. He has made obvious progress on many aspects. We are glad we made this choice for him and are planning to send him to another study holiday next year.

Yuan Ma (Parent of Shiying Piao)

We feel good about our child’s tour in the UK this summer. Since coming back from this tour, he has started to take care of his own affairs and do what he should do. We used to do his washings and everything. He has shown great interest on the UK, subscribing English newspapers, reading English books, looking for information of British schools. He is keen to go to study in the UK, but we still haven’t got any ideas on how to choose the right school. We hope New Oriental can help us in this way.

Nan Tang (Parent of Weishu Liao)

When I saw the bright smile on my daughter’s face at the airport, I knew her trip was satisfactory. She likes both Cambridge and Oxford, and has fallen in love with the UK. The children were also looked after very well. Thank you for providing this unique experience and your excellent organization of this tour.

Cuixia Zhao (Parent of Ao Dengge