Students’ Testimonials

First, I love the film making lesson. It’s super! Second, I adore King Tom…… Really don’t want to leave.

Xuanjie Zhang


Happy time flies! I find the British people very polite and punctual. This is what we should learn from. My host family and the teachers are all kind, patient and also very interesting. It is such a memorable trip! I love Britain!

Xiao Tan


During my stay in the UK, my English has improved a lot. London is a beautiful city. I like the environment here. I had great fun here. I hope I can come back again sometime.

Qi Wang


I’m so happy meeting you all during this holiday! I have laughed more in the last two weeks than I have in the whole year in my senior high school. I feel so lucky to have failed in getting the US visa. Therefore, I came here and met you all!

Xiangyi Wang


After two weeks in the UK, I’m already missing the country, the food and the people,  especially the teachers! When we were having our last dinner, my eye were filled with tears. I felt very sad. I will remember you, UK! We will definitely meet again, buddies, and my teachers, and Zhonghua!

Wenbo You


I enjoyed my 2 weeks in the UK and feel grateful. I appreciate having spent such wonderful time with such lovely teammates. The memories of our trip from London to Oxford to Cambridge are still going over again and again in my mind like film scenes, while they seems so far away from me already. We are going back home tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll come back here again to experience the happiness today. Finally, I’d like to thank all our team leaders. We owe all what we have learned to your efforts. Thank you sooooooo much!

Ziyun Wang


Bye Bye UK! Our present farewell is just for our future reunion! Even though we are so far away, my hearts are together. I will come back one day. No need to feel sad for the momentary separation. This is not the end!

Haoyuan Xu


In just two weeks, I have experienced the prosperity, the mystery and the wonder of the UK. I have also enjoyed the warmth and the care from this team. Thank you, everyone! This will be a very wonderful and important part of my growth. I love you all!

Hao Zhang