Teachers’ Testimonials

The Mini Oscar program has great impact on the students! The students are still talking about those enthusiastic participation and creative production all the time. Those moments are all beautiful memories now for the students.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fei Xue (Team Leader)

The students had a wonderful time during their stay in the UK. They have learned new knowledge, made new friends, and widened their horizons. First UK is a very professional organization. They have made wonderful arrangements for both courses and itineraries. This is a very resourceful trip for the students.

Lin Li (Vice Principal)

This is my third time leading the Mini Oscar Filming Week group. I have become a super fan of this program. Every time the various details of course arrangement and itineraries are eye opening surprises for me. That’s why I never miss any opportunities of listening to the lectures. I’m so happy about the changes the students have had when the course is over. I’m proud of the smiles on their faces and the confidence they gained in such a short time. I had led other programs of UK study holidays, but since I started working with Mini Oscar program with First UK, I’m really proud I can cooperate with such a professional team and people like Jinzhao and Tom Brooks who have profound understanding of education.

Xiangqing Huang (Chief Leader)