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You will have heard of Cambridge! In Cambridge there are accredited English language centres in the University and a variety of private language colleges. The city is geared to student life, as it has been for centuries, and you can feel part of it. You should be able to choose whether to live in a homestay or a residence. People here are generally nice and friendly.


Cambridgeshire is famous not only for the university city but the strange Fen country. You will find lovely towns and villages in Cambridgeshire. There are lots of transport connections, and its very easy to get to London.


Useful Links:


Studio Cambridge —  English Language and Activity Programmes, 6 Salisbury Villas, Station Road, Cambridge, Cambs, CB1 2JF

Bell Young Learners Courses, Red Cross Lane, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 0QU Course,

Cambridge College, International Summer School