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Scotland offers something for every need and budget. Every year, more than 30,000 international students choose to study in Scotland.

Well-known for its passion and friendliness, the region offers a strong and colourful culture, lively cosmopolitan cities, spectacular landscapes, and a varied sports, arts, entertainment and social scene – all within a relatively small area.

English language courses are offered by a wide range of different accredited providers, from universities to private language schools. There’s a comprehensive choice of programmes for adults and juniors, school and university students, professionals, travellers and tourists. Schools and departments vary in size, some with a wide range of courses and others tailored to particular age ranges, types of teaching or specialist areas of English.

Scotland has a strong, growing economy and recently won the title of ‘UK and European region of the future’. It hosts the world’s biggest arts festival every summer in Edinburgh; a famous New Year’s Eve street party; one of the UK’s longest and largest established summer rock festivals, T in the Park; and high-profile political and artistic events.

Edinburgh is Scotland’s historic capital and has a charming mix of old-style cobbled streets and modern culture. Glasgow is a buzzing, cosmopolitan centre of cafes, art, museums and shopping. Dundee is the city of discovery. And beautiful Perth is built on the banks of the River Tay.

Most accredited course providers are able to arrange student accommodation. Homestay offers great opportunities to stay with local hosts and learn more about living in Scotland while practicing your English. Many providers can offer residential accommodation in halls of residence or student houses or flats. There may also be other rentable accommodation options, from hostels and serviced apartments to bed and breakfasts and five star hotels.

For more information about Scotland, visit the English UK Scotland website –